a celebration of art and creativity
to raise awareness of environmental
and social issues


Derived from Sanskrit, meaning the gathering together of waters. Also refers to ocean, sea or confluence. Relevant to our little Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, not only literally, but also for its convergence of different peoples and cultures, as well as artists coming together for a common cause.

Samudra Art Prize

A free and open submission award for artists working in the visual arts

As a celebration of art and creativity by both artists and the public, it strives to show that art can be a positive force in raising collective awareness of pressing social and environmental issues.

It aims to establish a regular art prize, exhibitions and events at Le Caudan Arts Centre, showcasing and rewarding excellence in art. This will be supported by an online platform.

Artists are invited to create one or more works exploring the current theme.

Organisations are encouraged to participate and to use the Samudra Art Prize event to inform and educate the public about their work in social and environmental matters.

The public is invited to discover our artists and vote for their favourite work whilst gaining a better understanding of important topics.

celebrating art

by making art accessible and interesting to all, whilst rewarding and promoting the most talented and creative artists.

Participation: Art has no boundaries. We invite all visual artists, working in most disciplines, to take part.

Appreciation: The exhibition at Le Caudan Arts Centre is free and welcoming to all. By choosing engaging themes and creating opportunities for artists and the public to interact, we aim to popularise and demystify art.

raising awareness

of social and environmental issues by connecting artists, organisations and the public though a chosen theme.

We invite artists to explore a current issue. We also provide a platform to organisations such as non-profits and companies who would like to inform the public about their work in that field by presenting informative and educational material, thereby engaging the public in a more meaningful way.

Caudan Arts Centre

Provides the ideal venue and
know-how for our event

We are working closely with the Caudan Arts Centre’s (CAC) talented team who are contributing to our project with their expertise.

Since its inauguration in December 2018, the CAC’s contemporary spatial architecture and the technical quality of its theatre have seduced artists from around the world, and is popular with a local audience yearning for culture. It has actively sought to promote the full range of performing arts and more recently the visual arts by putting on local and international shows and creating strong educational links with schools.

The CAC houses a state-of-the-art theatre with 431 seats, 5 modular conference rooms, 3–4 exhibition spaces, a restaurant, 6 dressing rooms, a rehearsal room, a green room and 400 parking spaces. Strategically situated in the heart of Port Louis, the Mauritian capital, it is easily accessible on foot, by road and from the nearby metro and bus stations.

our goals

1 To democratise visual arts in Mauritius

We strive to make art more accessible to the public by showcasing works both online and at a central venue that feels welcoming and inclusive. This should help generate conversations and improve the profile of our artists, both locally and internationally.

2 To improve our island’s artistic culture

Enhancing our perception and appreciation of art should foster positive conditions for artistic growth within the rich and multifaceted cultures of our island. A better understanding of cultural, historical and contemporary art within both local and international contexts can be encouraged by interactions with art professionals, helping to widen our horizons.

be part of the
Samudra art community!

Join the conversation: find inspiration, show your work, discuss new ideas

3 To develop a more connected and dynamic Mauritian artistic community

An exhibition which requires artists to create themed and focused works of art offers the possibility of open comparison, challenging dialogue and lively interaction. This should encourage critical thinking on questions such as: What is the purpose of art? What constitutes good art? Should we have a Mauritian artistic identity? How can artists help themselves?

4 To reward the best artists and offer guidance

Talent, effort and excellence should be valued and rewarded. To flourish, artists need not only encouragement and positive critique, but also to challenge themselves by coming out of their comfort zones and pushing their own boundaries.

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