My submission is titled ‘2048’ which, according to a popular belief, denotes the year of depletion of our oceans. I chose a satirical approach, with an almost advertising look to create my tongue-in-cheek visual, where each element has been carefully selected to contribute to the narration. The character is seated in a bucket, an easily identifiable Mauritian prop, to make the story relatable to the Mauritian folks. Taking place in 2048, the photograph is a visual sarcastic prediction of what might happen if we do not care for our oceans. Due to the destruction of marine habitats, extinction of marine life, and the sea levels rise, there will be no more beaches to chill at, hence, forced to relax in artificial and lifeless environments. The dusty google and flippers demonstrate that the character has not been swimming for long. Moreover, based on his nervous smile, he is seemingly in an uncomfortable, physical or/and mental, posture, which explains why he is reading a yoga and meditation book. The coral reefs are replaced by barbed wires, which emanate an oppressive feeling. However, to encourage the recipients to further read the picture, the yellow color brings warmth to the image.

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Photography, Photo manipulation
  • Impression sur canvas
  • 841 | 594 | 20
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