“Les Avatars Marine”


“Les Avatars Marine”
Seashells are an important part of the ecosystems. They provide various materials for birds’ nest, a home or an attachment surface for algaë, sea grass, sponges as well as a host of other microorganisms. Animals from the sea use them to hide from predators and hermit crabs use them as temporary shelters.
Seashells have long deep symbolic roots and are often associated with love and fertility, symbolising the unconscious and associated with emotions, bringing good luck.
My installation entitled “Les Avatars Marine” is all about the story of a long lost ancient wooden box containing shells which has been found from the depths of the ocean and has been brought to surface, showcasing shells and fishes as a treasure to be preserved to create awareness to the public.
My artwork carries shells like: Scallop, Starfish, Conch, Cowry, Urchin, Gomti , Benitier Clams, Fungia scutaria.
The Ocean in itself motivates me greatly as it’s part of our life. We cannot live without the sea as it helps us breathe, regulate the climate, and is an important source of food. We have to protect her to to restore biodiversity.

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Ceramics/Sculpture
  • Wooden Box
  • 35 cms | 38 cms | 25 cms
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