“enbas la mer, enbas dilo, protege nous 4 couleurs”

Nirmal Hurry

“enbas la mer, enbas dilo,, protege nou 4 couler” is a creative process which is characterized by an on-going state of inquiry, extensive visual and medium research and a balance between concept and form. In this practical visual research question such as what new ways of thinking can help us solve our marine environment dilemma where coral reef is a safeguard of our Mauritian people.
Medium, shape, form which have been explored in the work are Spanish Moss,a natural airy plant, indicating emotions, ideas and actions to be carried by the people. Coral made out of cement and cloth show their diversity and valued the aesthetic and artistic expression of the work which will be very attractive to people to enjoy their views.
The umbrella symbolize shelter and protection for both the people and the beaches.Discarded colored plastic strips represent the activity of human actions like pollution, over fishing, collecting live coral and warming climate affecting the balance of coral ecosystem.
Coral ecosystem and the environment issues are the foundation of my art practice. I am trying to find ways to create art with the nature I live in rather than just within it.

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Welding technique. Materials ; cement with artificial patina, cloths, colored plastic strips, natural airy plants ,all these materials are unwanted scrap left overs. airy plant
  • Iron rods, chicken wire, wires, binding wires
  • 2300 mm | 1100 mm | 1100 mm
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