“A coral cottage”


“Underneath the mangrove tree,
A blue house one shall see,
Standing on a hill of yellow sand,
With patches of seagrass on each end.
A lagoon as blue as the sky,
Protected by the reef nearby,
With colorful corals standing strong,
For the fish that here belong.”

This is an ode to how the corals are made to protect our marine ecosystem and embellish it. The centerpiece holds a mangrove tree that connects the underwater scene to the surface, a blue house symbolizing the habitat of marine life, the seagrass patches as reference to seagrass meadows and the surrounding waters portraying lagoons. All of these, adorned and protected by a plethora of corals that eventually represents the coral reefs. The whole scenery showcases the importance of each element within the ecosystem; elements that for us at the surface go unnoticed but are essential to our coastal areas and to the lives underwater. I wanted to make a final piece with a playful touch to it which is felt through the use of a colorful palette and the ‘cartoonish’ design of the house and the couple of fish. A piece that talks to children about the wonders of our amazing corals ecosystem.

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • 2022
  • Sculpture, mixed media ( modelling clay, quilling paper, sand).
  • Wire and plaster on canvas
  • 275 | 500 | 500
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