A frog’s journey


This work portrays a traveling frog visiting an unknown world. It represents the start of my personal journey into the big world. To create diversity in the paper’s texture, I used mixed media which when added to my chosen level of detail, plays with the mind of my viewers, allowing them to see more depth and clarity from close than from afar, hence finding the frog. I simply want my viewers to discover more as they get more invested in my work. The idea of a journey is projected through my pieces and using bright colors allowed me to make this piece connote a very positive aspect of ecosystems and marine life as a whole, as opposed to my other pieces. This implicit link plays with the awareness of the idea of marine ecosystems and life forms, this beauty of nature represents the diversity and vivid characteristics of our environment and pushes the positive aspect of what surrounds us: even though most of our coral reefs and aquatic ecosystems are at a critical point, some forms still thrive with majesty and grace.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2021
  • mixed media- waterclour, acrylic and pen
  • watercolour paper
  • 92cm | 66cm | o
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