A leap of faith


Free-style Chinese painting ( Xieyi).
Synchronised collaboration amongst sea creatures to achieve harmony and a sustainable eco system for future generations. Here we can see a sea turtle jumping
up to free a jelly fish from a plastic bag.
Also less oil pollution from boats , less invasive tourists wearing sunscreens, allow new corals to grow and the mangroves present allow leaves
to feed fishes whilst the roots allow small corals to grip and grow and blossom under the sea. In turn a buoyant underwater eco system is provided by fish feeding on plankton and algae and mangrove leaves and big fishes and other predators including mankind feeding on small and big fishes thus achieving balance and life strives . Also undersea water life forms reflect the amount and level of land pollution . So a non – biodegradable plastic ban on planet Earth as well as managing methane and carbon dioxide inland hence prevents overheating of the seas , would benefit sea water habitat as well and ensure the sustainability of our earth planet inside out, inland and sea waters.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Xieyi/ Chinese ink and paints
  • Chinese inks and paints on carton
  • 650 | 330 | 1
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