Aftermath Submerged


Aftermath Submerged is a custom-made Mauritian Virtual-Reality [VR] art experience whereby participants are offered a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the beauty our marine ecosystem, whilst also encountering the impacts we are having on our local marine fauna and flora. The merit of this interactive artwork is its ability to teleport people to an environment most haven’t had the chance to personally visit and allow participants to use their physical hands to interact with the virtual environment. In doing so, driving awareness of our repercussions on marine life to kick-start conversations on potential mitigative and adaptive solutions to safeguard our marine environment.

Consequently, this unique art experience attempts at engaging participants in issues of magnitude such as Climate Change, ocean plastics, coral bleaching, and consumerism which affect our marine biosphere. Research has shown that use of such technology is superior at driving empathy, compared to traditional media of representation, which can lead to enhanced positive outcomes due to its ability to replicate embodied experiences.

The duration of this real-time VR Art Experience is recommended to be around 10min per participant. However, as the VR simulation is in a loop any length of time can be accommodated, upon prior discussion.

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Virtual Reality [VR]
  • VR Headset, hdmi and TV to display VR experience. Concept art can be printed to A1 size, to accompany the VR installation.
  • 1920 | 1080 | 0
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