Palvishee Jeewon

My work for the competition is a detail from the sea fans coral.
I used embroidery and patch work to show the softness of our corals when they are still alive. Also the wool and clothing are second hand fabrics, reusing them helps to save our planet which also result into saving our marine life. The wool and the clothing are made from chemical dyes and unnatural materials which are dangerous for our marine life. On the other side l, I made my embroidery colourful to show the beauty of our amazing coral reef. Recently, I went for a diving session, seeing all these wonderful see creatures inspired me for making this rug.

  • Single Artist
  • Textile Art
  • Single Work
  • April 2022
  • Embroidery and patchwork
  • Rug( jute fabric, embroidery with acrylic wool and second hand clothing)
  • 750 | 750 | 15
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