Kim Yip Tong


Coral reefs are the rainforest of the ocean. Providing food and shelter to millions of species, they bloom under the surface. Put under stress by rising temperatures, overfishing and pollution, corals expel the algae living in their tissue and reveal their ghost-like skeleton.
Bleaching isn’t always fatal and resilient reefs can recover. Accompanied by hydrophone recordings of submarine city sounds, Anthozoa is an ode to the ocean and its awe-inspiring biodiversity.

In collaboration with Sylvana Lautier
Sound by Derck Littel

Anthozoa is a class of marine invertebrates which includes the sea anemones, stony corals and soft corals. the film is an animation intended for fulldome projection, the film is meant to be seen in a Planetarium or an installation exhibition set up. The characters and set design of the film are made of textile puppets shot in front of a green screen and 3D scanned real corals.

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2017
  • fulldome animation, installation, cinema4d, after effects, green screen, textile puppets and set design
  • h264 file
  • 37MB | 1080p | 1080p
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