As sweet as the Ocean


A miniature work made with care, dedication, precision and love.
It depicts a dessert, a jelly form made from clear resin filled with beautiful fishes and corals (sculpted in clay) living happily inside.
The jelly has one side being eaten to show the ocean being so beautiful and amazing that we are tempted to taste it; to keep admiring. It also shows the sweetness;innocence of marine life and its coral ecosystem which we all want to have and preserve despite the Ocean having a ‘salty taste’; despite our marine life fading away, losing its beauty nowadays.
*The video submitted above is also my original record and editing made from my mobile phone.

‘As sweet as the ocean’ by Crish Arts/Crishma Uckiah-Bucktowar

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Mixed media, Plaster of Paris, polymer clay, Resin and paint
  • 3D work from Polymer clay, Plaster and Resin disposed on plastic plate(Light weight)
  • 40 | 180 | 180
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