Beacher bleacher

Emmanuelle Dedans

This interactive artwork has for purpose to sensitise the public about there role, contribution and participation in the state of our reef. The art being participative, it makes the audience participate of the painting , thus part of the effects of human beings on the reefs and its ecosystem. The led lights creating colored shadows and 3 shadows show that the trinity of man (body, soul, spirit) have a great impact on nature and that we are the ones who have to be the change for it to be free from pollution. The beacher (thats why I used an unframed canvas for it to act as a pareo that we put at the beach) is the bleacher . Romans 8 states that “la creation attend avec un ardent desire la revelation des fils de Dieu” meaning that God’s children on this land have to take back their responsibility and authority on nature to free it .

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Acrylic has been used on unprimed canvas creating an aquarel effect.Bleach and Thinner have been used so as to create some effects.Blue and green led lights have been used to create a mood and an 'under the sea' atmosphere.the color scheme is based on the flora of the deep sea.
  • Acrylic on unprimed canvas,led lights
  • 140 | 120 | -
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