Beyond reality


I am fascinated by everything under the sea, from whales to the smallest creatures that glow in the dark; The ocean offers a diversity of shapes, forms, colours, textures, and infinite ideas.
I tried to combine some of these characteristics when depicting this dark theme for this artwork. Moreover, the sea turtle’s carapace contains jellyfishes made partially from plastic and the skeletons of sea urchins, which were collected dead on the beach. However, man-made debris like plastic bags and others rock forth and back along with the wave in our ocean; Often, these sea turtles mistakes jellyfishes for plastic bags and will eat them.

The interpretation of the theme is solely based on my creativity to exaggerate or combine reality. The led light inside the glass carapace is an idea taken from the glowing translucent creatures of the abyss. The light and the glass reveal the truth while emphasizing the beauty of these corals and the sea turtle. This latter is covered with a relief texture to look like corals. This work represents the beauty of marine lives and the hideous truth of what is happening to these organisms. From coral reefs to sea animals, pollution is destroying everything.

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Diptych
  • 2020
  • Mixed media technique - acrylic paint , resin for the top coat ,relief textures ( textured paste), glass, light, plastic, nylon thread, and dead urchin skeletons ( collected on the beach after a cyclone)
  • Mixed Media on Plywood
  • 810 | 1220 | 70
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