Black River


The island of Mauritius is a paradise to behold: palm trees and fringing reefs almost completely line the coasts, with waterfalls and white sand beaches defining the rich, dynamic landscape of the small volcanic island. The island’s south-west side, the Black River District, is known for its exquisite dive spots where a plunge beneath the waves will acquaint you with creatures like octopuses, dolphins, rays and whales. These waters were named a Hope Spot by international marine conservation Mission Blue in September 2019 due to the variety of marine life that inhabits these waters and in support of bringing together Mauritius’ marine conservation community over the shared value of creating a healthy marine ecosystem that will last indefinitely. “Black River” is a compilation of underwater shots, representative of the different creatures calling these coastal waters home.

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • underwater videography
  • video
  • 1080 | 1920 | 302
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