Kim Yip Tong

BONDIE LAMER, is how Mauritian fishermen call sharks, the God of the Ocean.

Most shark species are today endangered, although being essential to the well-being of the Ocean. It is natural for us humans to fear predators like sharks. However if we wish to prevent our own extinction, we’ll have to get to know these species and find gentler ways to cohabit. This painting highlights the incredible diversity of species that make up the Chondrichthyes class, including Rays and Chimaeras. Some are terrifying like the bulldog sharks, others pretty harmless like the bullhead shark, while some can live over 250 years! The human, with his gear and equipment is an outsider to this ecosystem. By being confronted to these animals, the painting raises the question, who’s the biggest predator of the ocean? Despite looking vulnerable and small, the answer is us. We humans are the ultimate predator of our time.

This painting is inspired by my younger brother, who’s been obsessed with sharks since his early childhood and is studying Genetic Biology today. He taught me so much and still inspires me with his knowledge.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • started in 2020, finished in 2022
  • Watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil on paper
  • arches paper
  • 64cm | 91cm | 2mm
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