Coral bleaching – The deep white forest


Coral reef bleaching occurs when extreme water conditions cause corals to expel the internal microorganisms that give them their vibrant colors. Bleaching events are attributed to a number of factors, including pollution and extreme low tide, but the most common factor is the change in water temperature originating from global warming. As the planet heats up, sea water temperature tend to rise as well. Bleached corals can no longer gain energy from photosynthesis and if bleaching persists for an extended period, corals will starve and die. In many places, the loss of coral reefs would amount to an economic disaster, depriving fishermen of their main source of income, forcing people to find more expensive forms of protein and undermining the tourism industry.countries depend on coral reefs as a key barrier to guard against incoming storms and mitigate the damage done by surging seas. Without healthy reefs, the waves just come into shore with full force. That can cause loss of life. Last but no least, coral reefs are the natural habitats of many fish species and sea creatures.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Mixed media / watercolor
  • Canson papier a dessin blanc ‘c’ a grain
  • 240 | 320 | 0.1
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