Coral Mystery


The artwork is a fantasy-based image where you explore the deep wonders of Mauritius, in search of mysteries that only a few get to see. The Vivid glows represent the mystery that lies hidden from our daily life. The image in my opinion helps raise awareness by using the imaginary in conveying dreams to the viewer who will start to imagine if the coral reefs do actually look like that- there is an element of multiple perspectives in this image as any viewer can create his own story on what is happening and there is no right or wrong. The viewer will feel an urge to discover the mystery for himself/herself.

Details- This image was created on Adobe Photoshop using multiple images that were blended together through a series of different techniques- the image took 6 hours total of editing as the research for personal assets took 2 hours and the actual editing took around 4 hours. The editing was completely done by the artist(Me) without any additional help.

  • Single Artist
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  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Photoshop Editing
  • Digital Art
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