[co]ral network – AI dreams of coral reefs

Anthony Bouic

[co]ral network is an art experimentation using AI models known as Generative Adversarial Networks or GANs.

To generate the desired images, a GAN needs to be trained with a set of training images so it can create new ones with the same characteristics.

In this project, two GANs have been trained :
– The first one on a dataset of 1463 images of healthy corals for a total of 204 hours of training.
– The second one on a dataset of 1693 images composed of 75% of damaged coral, which is the current state of coral life in Mauritius in 2022.

The results are AI dreams of different state of coral reefs:
– The healthy GAN generates beautiful, colorful and diverse corals.
– The damaged GAN generates dark, bleak and almost menacing coral landscapes.

What do we want for the future? Make your choice on coralnetwork.art

GAN Training / video editing / sound design and web development by Anthony Bouic

AI model : StyleGAN2 by NVIDIA Research Labs

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Artificial Intelligence / Deep neural network
  • Video
  • 1920 | 1080 | -
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