Coral Reef Bleaching


My art installation is base on the coral reef bleaching bleaching. My aim is to raise awareness of what is happening to corals around Mauritius because of climate change, pollutions and bad habits.

Furthermore in my artwork you would see many corals made with Ceramic and are glaze, some corals are made using thread and the map of Mauritius are made with plaster. Overall it is a mixed media where I have use different techniques to show half of the installation have beautiful corals with fish, crab and the other half are bleech corals namely the corals turn white which mean they are dead, destroying the marine ecosystems. With dead corals and for example during cycolone weather conditions there are big wave the bleech coral will be destroyed and there will be no habita for marine species which will have an impact in Mauritius economy.
Through My artwork you would realise that our marine ecosystems is in danger and we should start to protect our coral reef

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2018
  • Mixed Media
  • Art installation, ceramic, and fiber art
  • 30 | 880 | 560
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