Corals’ Moral


My artwork aims at engaging the viewers through participation.  The elements used in the painting raise awareness about coral bleaching, leading to the destruction of the reefs.  Below, in the composition real dead corals have been used to depict the damage which has already been done.  In Mauritius, it is forbidden to pick up corals and seashells. However, dead corals can be seen all around the island as an element of the decor in restaurants, hotels and public places. Here, the dead corals are not used as a beautifying feature but rather as a strong reminder that corals are dying everywhere around the world. The central red brain coral is simultaneously an inference to the brain of the ocean, which like the human brain if dies, causes consequent harm to the person.  Therefore, this reference makes a call for empathy towards the dangers which threaten our oceans, which have already been affected, and if we don’t take prompt action the consequences could be disastrous for all the species of the world.  I believe a recourse to education is a significant way to make people aware of the unseen danger, hence the use of slates.  The latter also means early education since we used the slates as a child.  Education, from an early age, incrusts correctly the way to do things the right way and, contextually, the need to protect our coral reefs.  In parallel, the slates also allow space to express what each viewer can do and, hence, becomes a collective action towards protecting our overall coral ecosystems.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • painting and collage
  • Acrylic paint, corals, pencil urchins' needles, slates on canvas mounted on wood
  • 1220 | 900 | 95
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