Eco system with sea creatures


What it is about:
It is all about the ecosystem of our Mauritius island.
What I am trying to express through it:
I am trying to express fish and sea turtle how they can swim freely between the coral, feed themselves and breath.
My use of colour/ technique
I have use mixed media on paper to create a proper effect such as sun rays and the bubbles

How it raises awareness of Our Amazing Coral Ecosystems.
It shows that aquatic animals have their freedom in their sea and have proper food for themselves and people should not destroy coral reef or kill the aquatic and let them reproduce.

  • School Entry
  • Tooshal | Juggernauth
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • acrylics paint on paper
  • acrylics paint, soft pastel, collage, coloured pencils, gun glue techniques
  • 42.5 cm | 30.8 cm | 1mm
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