Fading Corals


Fading Corals

A life that was once here is slowly disappearing.

This work reflects the beauty yet fragile corals whose existence is threatened by the daily actions of the human species.

My work brings to the forefront the healthy, colorful and vibrant corals being engulfed by a dark blue-ish color (almost black) emanating from a human figure which represents the devastation brought by the human species.

Then the coral which was once full of life gradually bleaches into a white color as seen by the tonal change in the colors here.

My hope is that this body of work will urge the viewers to appreciate the beauty of this fragile species, encourage them to educate themselves about the alarming threats the entire marine ecosystem is facing and hopefully drive them to make small changes in their way of life/behavior to protect this planet and all living beings on it.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • plaster of paris, soft chalk pastels, acrylics, oils
  • plaster of paris, soft chalk pastels, acrylics, oils on canvas
  • 800 | 600 | 15
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