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Corals are fascinating invertebrates belonging to a large group of intriguing & colourful animals called Cnidaria, including jelly fish and sea anemones. Each individual coral is called a polyp and live in large groups to form a colony. The most unique feature of corals is the highly evolved form of symbiosis. The polyps have developed this relationship with a microscopic single celled algae known as zooxanthellae. The symbiosis between plant and animal contribute to the brilliant colours of coral.
We cannot both protect nature and maintain a destructive development model. The best thing to do for coral reefs is to stop killing them Coral farming is the process whereby fragments of corals are collected and raised in farms and once mature re-installed at the restoration site. The benefits of coral farming are;
Improving coral resilience to changing climatic and oceanic conditions.
Techniques to accelerate coral growth
Increase species diversity
Enhance genetic diversity
Corals are an indispensable part of the marine ecosystem, sustaining around 25%of marine life where much of this marine life are sources of medicinal compounds to fight viral diseases & cancer.
Food security and cultural heritage can rely on these.
Pictures shot with a Sealife DC2000 camera .

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