Freedom of an umbrella fish


This picture of a Jelly Fish was captured during my memorable visit to Odysseo, Mauritius. Through this picture, I want people to consider themselves being underwater, to experience a soothing moment, admire the colorful tentacles of this beautiful free-swimming marine animal. Let’s for a moment experience the magic of nature. This beautiful jelly fish creates its own light. Despite that a jellyfish does not have a brain, heart, bones and eyes, their bioluminescent fact, makes them unique among the sea creatures. Protecting our beautiful coral reefs, we contribute towards the freedom and protection of those jelly fish. Water pollution, coral bleaching, all these trigger the protection of marine animals. It can even make these beautiful jellies which are 600 million year old become extinct. So let’s all visualise the reality of sea jellies being alive so that our children and grandchildren can experience the beauty of jelly fish in the coming years. Why not support Samudra in continuing the support of youngsters to share pictures and paintings to empower the protection of coral reefs ?

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  • 2022
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