‘From Corona to Waka’

E. Radegonde

Done from (22. 05.20 to 28.08.20). During the first confinement, I wanted to show that although artists were confined they had the power to travel through their imagination. The bubble represents confinement and the elements exploding the bubble of soap represent the freedom of our imagination. I wanted to add details that reflected the reality of confinement. The lack of vegetables on the market (tomatoes). The wave; an the unexpected ‘tsunami’ of corona virus. The necessity of wearing a mask gloves but also the protection of the environment, and avoid dumping them everywhere. People who were abroad (cruise ship) were not allowed to enter the country. Confinement enabled nature to flourish. In the news, animals like birds, deer and so on, all over the world started to move to new places due to absence of human activities. The air was purer. Less human activities equals to less pollution. An issue linked with human activities was this disastrous oil spill in Mauritius represented through a pattern all around the main elements of the composition. Many marine species were killed, fishermen and those who work at sea were left jobless. Not protecting our precious marine resources obviously leads us to our downfall.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2020
  • Acrylic painting+ collage
  • Canvas
  • 600 | 800 | 15
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