Ghaayal Moonga (Wounded Corals)

k. harkoo

As a fresh graduate in Social Work from the University of Mauritius, I mostly aim towards creating artworks that has social and environmental issues at its core. For this specific artwork hues of blues and greens were frequently used to mimic the colours of the ocean. violent and brutal strokes were used to create an atmosphere of anger and sadness; emotions that arise when one realizes that our precious coral reefs are not being taken proper care of. At the top of the painting one can notice two dominant hands (a representation of humans ignorant actions) unjustly destroying the coral reef. The colour black was used in reference to the Wakasio wreckage and its tons of oil spilling all over the Mauritian coasts. Ultimately all these wrongful actions have a deep impact on mother nature, hence in the painting She is depicted crying and smudged with oil. The painting was titled Ghaayal Moonga, meaning Wounded Corals in Hindi.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Soft and Dry Pastel
  • Arches Water Colour Paper
  • 65 cm | 50 cm | 3 cm
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