HIPO made of DODO


What is precious?
That’s a question i have often ask myself.
I find preciousness in little things, moments, innocence, truth, breathing, flora and fauna, Art in one word LIFE.I am an artist jeweller from Mauritius. The most precious is often what is no more.
As a Digital sculptor I use the actual 3D scan of the dodo’s skeleton, digital collage and sculpting techniques to create my artworks. These can be printed as a photography or/and as a 3D printed sculpture in various sizes. These artworks are from a series I call: DodoisMe.
What I try to convey in my work, is how human behavior oscillates from a state of reverence to an absurd attitude of control towards its sole home; its ecosystem. Inspired by the form and substance of the extinct emblem of Mauritius to create a panoply of sculptures.
It’s been three years now. Seeking meaning from the extinct.
For the future page of history the Dodo-is-me.

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Triptych
  • 2022
  • 3D sculpture & collage made from 3D scan of the actual DODO
  • can e printed as photograph / or 3D printed
  • 150 | 100 | 20
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