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My artwork consist of living organisms that is affected by the ecosystem, be it fauna and even human being. My focal point is the half female human figure under water, submerged not only by water but also in her thoughts. The portrait does not show any positive nor negative expression but rather, a neutral one. This depicts that she feels secured in her environment, yet, not secured enough to give a positive reaction. The fauna, represented by the turtle, is known to be mostly affected by sea polution in general. I wanted to depict this particular one, by placing its head above water, suggesting that there is still a ray of hope for it. Being lured by the beautiful sunsets that mauritius is known for, we might not witness such exquisite panoramic view if we don’t act soon enough to reduce air pollutions. Further, the extensive corals, though not exactly flattering, seems to be depicted in a gloomy atmosphere as it is believed to be a must to save them as they are home for so many species.The ocean is home for so many living organisms, the latter being home for others. Colours: blue and orange are complementary

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Oil
  • On canvas
  • 50 | 60 | 0.2
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