Kim Yip Tong

Infinite love for my home, my most beloved place on this planet, the coral reef of the village I grew up in, Tamarin.
I got the unbelievable privilege to live on a stretch of sand where the coral reef is only a few meters away. As a child I was quite lonely and spent days on end with my sister on this beach and snorkelling on this reef. This little corner of the Earth is my source of joy and main inspiration of my art. It’s depletion fills me with anger, sadness and despair. I sometimes feel like I’m swimming in what’s doomed to be a memory. Over-development and wastewater coming from the land are some of the main threats to this fragile ecosystem today, forces that seem unstoppable.
The sail ship represents both the past and my vision of the future. It is also a reference to Neverland, where the eternal child inside of us still lives.
I love this place with all my heart and I’m grateful to its millions of creatures to fill my imagination with so much magic.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Watercolour, gouache and coloured pencils on paper
  • arches paper
  • 64cm | 91cm | 3mm
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