It’s Now or Never


Intro: my objectives behind participating in this project is to have a contribution towards the blue ocean economy. This is because we are all here for an awareness about the blue ocean directly this is why i have been focusing directly on this matter and the benefits as well as challenges can be discussed below.

The benefits of blue ocean economy are:
1. Increase gdp and economic growth by about 7 % to 8%
2. Increase direct Android indirect employment.
3. Support the tourism industry.
4. Improve the balance of payment.
5. Helps Mauritius to develop non renewables resources.

Challenges of this sector are:
1. Difficult to implement because of bureaucratic operations by each and evey government since 2012 till now.
2. Lack of resources in terms of labour and machines.
3. Huge amount of sunk cost in terms of high research and development cost.
4. Information failure about the benefits of this sector.
Policies implemented to set up the basic principles of blue oceans economy are:

1. Informative advertising such as the project we are working.
2. Ban of plastic bags.
3. Amendments in law such as environmental act

Conclusion this sector might become a reality not only by the effort of govt but with the contribution of each of us.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Acrylic colour, sand, embroidery
  • Acrylic on canva
  • 60 | 60 | 5
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