“La Traversée”


La Traversée (work in progress-ongoing series)

These 3 pieces created over a period of 3 years { “émerger” (2020) / “renaître” (2021) / “respirer” (2022) } are an exploration of the analogy of the human condition and the ocean.

2020 | Emerger – Created in parallel to the Wakashio disaster, was a cry for togetherness, hope and beauty. It was a time for action, for coming out of the water, into the sun and to shine together for a cause larger than us.

2021 | Renaître – Created almost one year after “Emerger”, “Renaître” was a decision to rebuild from scratch. It was about facing and accepting all the horror and the beauty of our human and ecological predicament and choosing a new belief system, a new perspective, a new identity. It meant dying to the old self. It meant birthing the new one.

2022 | Respirer – For the environment and for humans, it has never been so hard to breathe. Oxgen has never been so sparse (pollution/covid). Vital systems are shutting down. The heart is ruptured, the eye misaligned, the womb is torn apart. Death everywhere. And we did it to ourselves…

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Triptych
  • émerger (2020) / renaître (2021) / respirer (2022)
  • clay
  • for "respirer" - fishing line and game fishing hook
  • 20cm | 13cm | 13cm, 32cm | 16cm | 20cm, 15cm | 15cm | 15cm
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