Paul Dylan Photography

Its a photograph that describes life underwater, particularly the importance of coral lives, of how vital it is for lives underwater.

To demonstrate it’s importance i had captured small fishes in white and black with a blue reflection of the sea. I have given major importance to the natural colours of the photo.

The photo that i have taken, speak out the happiness of the togetherness of the coral and fishes. Its so peaceful, without any kind of polution. Its like a paradise Habitat for our marine creatures. I want to emphasise on how some places underwater are still crystal clear, and i want to create awareness that it is the responsibility of each one of us to keep it like this. Even thr tiniest action might have gigantic impact on our corals and therefore marine life in general.

For this artistic photo, i had used gopro hero 7 black with dome at ‘la Prairie’ in the south west of our little Island Mauritius.
Here comes the Title, typically Mauritian “LAVI LAKAZ MARIN” which means ” Home of Marine life”, as corals plays a major roles as a Habitat of marine life.

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  • 2022
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