Le mal de Coray


I started ‘Le mal de coray’ in 2020 while being stranded abroad for 8 months. I had the opportunity to learn embroidery (without pressure from my home economics teacher). There, I was bragging about my beautiful island Mauritius, about the clear ocean waters, the amazing coral reefs…telling everybody to come visit. I really missed going snorkelling in Pointe Desny (my favorite spot). J’avais le mal du pays, le mal d’aller plonger..de voir les coraux. Et un jour Wakashio..and at this point everybody knew about the island. So I did this piece in memory of the beautiful lagoon reef patches of Pointe Desny – Le mal de Coray 🙂

This year I completed it with some boat/fishing ropes that I collected on the beach of Roches-Noires. Drifting nylon and fishing ropes are serious threats for the reef and especially its inhabitants.

  • Single Artist
  • Textile Art
  • Single Work
  • started in 2020 and completed in 2022
  • Embroidery using cotton and metallic embroidery floss , as well as fishing/boat ropes
  • Jute Fabric around embroidery hoop
  • 345 | 275 | 50
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