Emmanuelle Dedans

This diptych title says it all, “lerwi”. The most common and everyday-like image I could compare the bleaching corals to is rusting iron. Iron rusts because of oxygen, water , a certain temperature and specially on coastal areas (where I live) where there are particles of salt in the air. Just as the bleach, rust is the illness of iron .Iron which is supposed to be a strong metal can be easily broken tonpieces when attacked by rust.Fortunately there is glavanisation to stop it…but what is there for the corals to stop the bleach? Are we the gavanisators or are we part of the bleaching agents ?

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Diptych
  • 2021
  • Photography
  • Digital to be printed and framed in A2 size each
  • 60 | 42 | -
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