Les ‘Mainonymes’.


Les ‘Mainonymes’ is a word play between two french words; ‘Mains’ & ‘Anonymes’ (Anonymous Hands). This mixed media sculpture is firstly a tribute to the nationwide solidarity following the tragedy of the MV Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius, its disastrous consequences on our marine ecosystem. These hands represent as well all the different coastal communities that has suffered a lot this sad ecological issue. All those anonymous hands put up together their strength and bravery to face this unprecedented ecological disaster on our coast. The protruding human hands is a visual analogy of a coral structure to symbolise the interdependency of these living elements. The aim is to fuel more concern about coral ecosystem, their strength in the whole planet ecosystem and as well as their weaknesses when faced to man made issues. The hands mimicking corals also illustrates how humans and coral ecosystems are closely linked as living creatures and depend on each other for their fate.
The colourless white aspect of the sculpture is also to trigger awareness of the outgrowing coral bleaching phenomenon as a direct and indirect consequence of fossil fuels worldwide.

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Recycling and 'upcycling' of damaged fashion dummies hands and plaster carving.
  • Mixed media with rejected material and waste on a sculpted plaster base.
  • 380 | 340 | 400
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