Maa Samudra


My painting is an ode to all those wonderful people who helped to protect the Mauritian lagoon from the recent wakashio oil spill, specially to those brave ladies who supported by offering their hair for the protection of the sea and marine creatures. My approach to art has always been spiritual and the connection to mother nature has always been a sudject to explore in my artistic journey. I’ve tried to show what i’m best at, figurative and thematic drawing. In my artwork the main focus is a woman, she’s rather a deity for me, “Maa samudra”, just like the ladies who offered their hair, mother samudra also protects her space by spreading her hair to cover the sea from the dark substances which can be oil spill or other pollutants. I’ve tried to show marine animals which form part of the marine ecosystem and how all forms a cycle, a puzzle which are co related, and one affected can cause a devastating disturbance. The source of life has originated from the sea, the sea supports so many lives, so many people depend on the sea and it is our duty sensibilise people about the protection of the samudra as artists.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Gouache and aquarel technique
  • Watercolour on paper
  • 640 | 500 | 0
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