Magical Reef

Zayn Reis

“Magical Reef”

Coral reefs provide an important ecosystem for life underwater, protect coastal areas by reducing the power of waves hitting the coast, and provide a source of income for millions of people including food, coastal protection

I used neon fluorescent paints and mixed them to make the landscape and colorful animal realistic textures.

I crafted my canvas and used scrap wood pallets, and polystyrene as materials to make corals and reef rocks. reduce, reuse, recycle and paint!

The marine animals, corals, and shells were made with paper mache.
This project can be for day and night with backlight to glow the fluorescent neon paint in the dark.

Scientists found that glowing colors in bleached corals act like a protective layer when symbiotic micro-algae are lost.

Marine animal sculptures I included in the project: Chrysaora melanaster( jelly fish), green moray eels, giant pacific octopus, lal kackra crabs, locgerhead sea turtle, clown, green mandarine, narcosis fishes.

Seashells and corals: trachyphyllia geoffroyi ( brain shell), fruit loops, follose, digitate and branch corals, starfish, urchin, murex, whelk, pecten, tiger cowry, auger, cockle shells.

“Cherish clean water, be colorful, live together in harmony, Celebrate nature’s wonders, be full of life”

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  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Technique: Airbrush, hand painted, spray paint, paper mache, glow in the dark(neon), canvas ,Acrylic. Materials: scrap , urethane paint, newspaper, polystyrene, ropes, glue, neon paint and cotton mesh
  • wood frame and canvas
  • 890mm | 500mm | 700mm
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