MCB Best Young Artist 2022


Polluted oceans are dangerous for our marine life and human being. Many people consider pollution as a big problem but unfortunately ignore it. However, as an artist I want to use my art skills and creativity to show and describe how pollution is affecting and threatening our eco-system.
Through my artwork, I demonstrated an underwater scene to show the chaos pollution has created to our marine life. We can see different sea creatures being threatened and harmed by several daily life materials such as plastics, papers, cloths, glues and others. This clearly demonstrate that the cause of such disaster is human being. People throw all sorts of garbages in the sea without realizing the consequences they can have to our sea creatures.
Therefore, I hope my artwork inspires, sensitises and bring changes in people thinking towards this issue.

  • School Entry
  • Larson Rayan | CAM-SAVARAYEN
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Painting and Collage
  • Acrylic on board
  • 595 | 420 | 2
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