MCB Best Young Artist 2022


Our marine life are threatened, little by little we are losing our natural resources and habitat. Mostly, the underwater creatures are affected. These issues mainly responsible by human. People tend to pollute our sea by throwing all sorts of waste. As a result, we are killing those innocent creatures.
Through my painting, I want to show both the beautiful and unharmed underwater scene as well as the darker and harmed side of underwater. On one side, we can clearly see fishes, turtle living peaceful in their habitat but in a threatened situation where a hand holding the neck of a dead turtle. This shows the atrocities that those creatures are being faced by human being.
Hence, I strongly hope that my painting created a sense of self realization to people and prevent them from polluting and affecting our marine life.

  • School Entry
  • Sarang | AKUNG
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Painting
  • Water-Colour on board
  • 590 | 415 | 2
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