The picture represents water pollution caused by humans. The dark background depicts the gloominess of oceans. A Chiaroscuro effect from light to dark has been used to show the stark contrast of a once lucid ocean as now polluted and dirty.

In this asymmetric composition, we see an upside-down portrait representing mother nature. The head wrapped in a plastic bag shows how marine life suffocates due to wastes. The torn plastic bag illustrates the struggles of aquatic animals to escape pollution.

One eye is blocked. It represents how humans have turned a blind eye to this disaster. The eyes wide open represent helplessness.

The branch pulling the plastic bag on the left suggests how nature tries to free itself but is unsuccessful. The dry leaves represent how nature has already perished.

The four corners show murky water, illustrating how our blue ocean turned black. The black colour choice represents the Wakashio incident and other spills.

The face mask portrays our selfishness; it is used to protect us but harming them. Beer and cigarettes are human vices and marine pay the price.

The plastic ripped and allowing oxygen for survival shows there is still hope. This artwork calls for a change.

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Photography
  • Print on Board
  • 594 mm | 841 mm | oo
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