Mother Sea Crying Footprints

Ingrid Leste

I am Ingrid and the painting I submitted is entitled “Mother sea crying footprints”. It is a painting inspired by a walk on Tamarin Beach where I saw a lot of rubbish going forth and back with the waves. At the same time I heard mother sea crying, and tears fell down my cheek. I imagined how painful it should be for her to get all these rubbish in her womb. This is what inspired me to draw on the beach, the dark footprints of humans impacting the sea and all its treasures;corals, animals, fish, and underwater marine life…

We are not the sole creature on earth, yes we are humans but we are not superior. And by having a glimpse of humility and respect for nature, mother sea will stop crying, and we will stop suffering too.

Thank you

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2021
  • mixed media paper
  • Acrylic on paper
  • 210 | 297 | 000
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