Max Gifted

“Motherland” is a series of images that express the beauty of the marine life with our culture and the danger it faces to survive.
2020 was a particular year in the history of our country and we shouldn’t forget to protect and preserve the biodiversity of our island.
– The first image is a shot of a sperm whale after her nap and a long day of research to find them, i had the opportunity to be very close of the animal for the first time of my life, an unforgettable encounter with wild life.
– The second image have been shot at Ruisseau Creole in the south east of Mauritius during the shipwreck of the Wakashio, this area have been heavily touch by the oil spilling. In the center it’s Alexandre Rogers who have been one of the volunteer to help and clean our coastline during and after the tragedy, the message in this image is to protect our culture and passion for the ocean.
– The third image is a traditional boat that came back early morning after a long night of fishing, are they floating on the sea or in the sky?

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Triptych
  • 2020
  • Dslr Camera & Water Housing
  • Digital
  • 487,26 | 730,84 | 000,00
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