Moving coral reefs No 2


Moving cities from fantasy films and video games have always captured my interest. In this street art, I painted a moving coral reef on the elongated tails of manta rays. The ocean is like a treasure box full of living organisms, to the craziest form, from gracious ones like the whales or rays.

However, pollution and human activities such as overfishing are destroying our precious coral reefs. Therefore, I wanted to represent the coral reef as a moving city to escape these hazards. I tried to capture the realistic features of this coral reef in terms of shapes, colours, and textures using the klecksography techniques. Furthermore, I painted small fish swimming around their shelters.

New Chinatown Foundation invited me to paint this street art on an old boutique at Dr Sun Yat Sen Street in China Town, Port Louis. I executed the work in 2020, after the first lockdown.
The pictures are from the Photographer Gada. Moreover, my street art is featured in the book – Mauritius Street Art, GADA, Editions VIZAVI (Mauritius).

  • Single Artist
  • Street art
  • Single Work
  • 2020
  • painting and klecksography techniques
  • metal sheet and wood - Boutique Sun Yat Sen- Dr Sun Yat Sen Street
  • 2800 | 5200 | flat painting
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