Mr. Lonely and the Ray of Hope

Greet Meulepas

The image shows the endemic Mauritian Anemone Fish (Amphiprion chrysogaster) . He is the only one left in a place that used to be a flourishing reef. The ray of hope stands for the fact that when people cooperate they can achieve the impossible. We are Homo cooperandus and we should work together to do what we can and more to set things right. A huge problem destroying the Mauritian reefs is the polluted water running from the land into the ocean, carrying nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides that are all known to kill coral reefs. Each individual can decide against using these products from now on and choose alternative solutions instead. We can plant Vetiver (Khus), a miracle grass that is known and used in many places to purify water before it enters the sea. These are easy solutions that we can all participate in to help save the beautiful reefs and bring back the colourful home that charming animals like this Mauritian Anemone Fish used to live in instead of forcing them to survive in the wasteland we created.

  • Single Artist
  • I am submitting my work Hors Concours as I do not wish to participate in the competition.
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2020
  • Camera, underwater housing, external strobes
  • print
  • 370 | 240 | 3
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