Naive optimism


Picturesque fisher boats, abundance of fishes and extraordinary coral reef, a mer-cat and a mer-rabbit while we are at it.

Naïve optimism exaggerates the dissonance between the mentality behind over consumption and ignorance about the reality of the current state of nature as a consequence.

The work is a mobile, as its spins we see the frames are illustrated on two sides, the naïve, fantasy-like abundance on one side,  the disturbing bareness on the other.

Intricately crafted with felt, fabrics, thread and wire for textured immersion into the paradigm of toxic optimism.

The technique employed to make this work like painting with thread also contrasts with the idea of instant gratification and commodified nature.

  • Textile Art
  • Triptych
  • 2022
  • mobile/textile art
  • embroidery on fabric, felt craft, wire craft
  • 1400 | 450 | 530
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