Nou Koray, Nou Limaz


Our coral reefs, being an important element for our lagoon and for all its creatures, are being used both in the background and the foreground. Fishes and dolphins form parts of the composition as, especially the fishes inhabit the corals, and in turn the dolphins and other sea mammals depend on these fishes for their survival as foods. The man found in the foreground represents us, all the Mauritians. Blue color has been used to paint the human figure in order to show the connection between the ocean and the people. It is also important to point out that most of the Mauritian people like sea foods and the sea represents one of our most favorite place to chill out. Without a healthy coral reef we will surely be deprived from all the benefits that the ocean provides us with. Both dark and pale colors were used to give a good contrast to the artwork. I opted for a realistic approach and intentionally I painted the man holding his hand in praying position in order to make a humble request to all the people to preserve our coral ecosystem. Mangrove are used as motifs on the t-shirt…

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Painting and collage, mix media.
  • Acrylic on paper
  • 420 | 297 | 2
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