One night on the Reef

Alix Le Juge

A journalistic work depicting the story of the wreck of the M V Wakashio on the south east reef of Mauritius, on the 25th July 2020. It is also the tale of the events and circumstances following the event: the solidarity of the Mauritian volunteers and professionals to save the lagoon, the urgency and support of the world to save this piece of world heritage, the funds raised to undertake the salvage, and to help those dependent on the lagoon for their living. A difficult year with the added complications of Covid 19, but overcome with courage, determination and with the love for a lagoon.
It is an appeal to shipping to use green energy for navigation: Rotor ships: a type of ship designed to use the Magnus effect for propulsion. The ship is propelled, at least in part, by large powered vertical rotors, sometimes known as rotor sails.

  • Single Artist
  • I am submitting my work Hors Concours as I do not wish to participate in the competition.
  • Other
  • 2022
  • sketches, painting, writing
  • Printed book form, or a panel of the original drawings and texts.
  • 185 mm | 275 mm | 10mm
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