Acrylic painting on Canvas and the use of Mixed Media.
The painting depicts a dual view of the sea, below and above sea level.
The concept of this artwork is to show how beautiful and important is our coral ecosystem and how it is being destroyed & affected by human activities such as oil spill from ships and sewage and wastes from hotels and factories.
I made use of papier maché to give textures to the rocks and corals.
I included a paper pipe to show sewage and waste pouring in the sea.
I also included a boat wrecking on the reef and oil spilling from it.
On the Righthand side the corals below are damaged and affected by the pollutants whereas on the Lefthand side, the water is unpolluted and the corals are colourful and lively with fishes swimming around.
Different kinds of corals are being painted.
Colourful pebbles are also pasted to show more depth in the composition.
The sky is done using a wash technique.
The reef on the LHS shows how important it is in preventing huge waves from reaching the seashore.
There are also sunrays visible inside the water.
It took me 5 days to start and complete the artwork.

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Mixed Media: Acrylic Paint and papier maché on canvas
  • Acrylic painting and Papier maché on Canvas, colourful pebbles
  • 400 | 500 | 30
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