Our Fate- A Timely Choice


I made a diorama because it freezes the world in time and every details can be viewed from different angles. I drew a stark contrast between the ‘utopian’ and ‘dystopian’. The overall frame follows two golden ratio’ed rectangles with the center being the ‘watch’. A branching coral holds the watch, symbolic of time.

On the dystopian side, we portrayed the worst pollutants which affects the corals: oil drilling, chemical waste discharge and plastic pollution. We used ‘semi-precious’ gemstones like malachite, blue agate, black tourmaline and red coral to ‘mimic’ pollutants, when crushed. A darker water with ‘oil streams’ flank the sides along with broken pieces of coral are testament of the worst-case situation. The fishes and life are gone, only inhumane mechanization left. A future that should never happen.

On the utopian side, a brighter picture is drawn with thriving flora and fauna. The supporting coral branch (which holds the watch case) is teemed with greeneries. Bigger semi-precious stone chunks were added to ‘color’ up the montage. The future that we should thrive for.

Finally, rising corals from both sides merge at the focal point of the golden ratioed sections holding a watch case covered with corals, our timely choice.

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Resin (acrylic and UV), semi-precious gemstones, sponge (moss), wool, 3D design & printing, corals, metal watch case (with watch hands) and alcohol ink.
  • Acrylic resin diorama on wooden board.
  • 30 | 25 | 20
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