The simple concept of this picturesque painting is to show a futuristic balanced marine coral and sea ecosystem of Mauritius island and within its coastal areas. On the left side of the painting we see a calm normal typical sea day of a Mauritian Fisherman, going to work without disrupting the marines and corals by taking the clear way. In the shallow water, some boats conducting their normal task at Mahebourg-Regat Mahebourg. The beaming sun, heated atmosphere symbolized by using reddish purple color sky, reflecting its heatwaves over our ocean. The red sky is depicting the alarming sign of too warm atmosphere for the sea water which in the end is harmful for corals, as they tend to lose their color and life in too much warm water. Signifying to bring more greenness freshness on the ocean, by planting more trees/mangroves. Mangroves acting as habitats to marine lives, its roots colors have been painted with multi colors like corals reefs to show the inter-connection relationship they have with corals. As both acts as a source of habitats to the marine lives.

On the right side, we have the precious seascapes restricted area of our own marine species and coral reefs left alone in their comfort zone to flourish peacefully, without disruption. The fishes put for drying on the net zone is symbolizing fishing done in Control-Dry fish can be preserved for longer, its natural process allows to give the ocean time to produce more fishes and have control on overfishing. Rodrigues and Mauritian people have it in their DNA, to consume fish by this drying process, it reflects our traditional culture of consuming seafoods. Finally, we have the seabirds acting as guardian/nutrient providers sitting/flying proudly over the coastal area of Mauritius island

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Digital Painting
  • Print on Canvas
  • 100 | 35 | 2.5
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